Listen To Your Body

How well do you listen to your body? Honestly, I haven’t been great about it. Like many of you, I have learned to “push through and ignore when I feel tired, sick, or hungry or embarrassingly when I need to pee. However, these days, ignoring these signals is no longer an option! (Thanks, motherhood).

In the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working on feeling at home in my body. When I think about how feeling embodied overlaps with the work I do, I think about how women have been conditioned to accept being uncomfortable in their clothes, therefore ignoring our body’s signals. 

It’s considered normal to try to squeeze into a smaller size, wear uncomfortable shoes, or have to take small steps because of the width of our skirts, or wear bras with actual wires poking into us, or tight waistbands, all in the name of looking “patriarchy perfect”. 

How much has wearing uncomfortable clothes trained us to ignore what our bodies need? Maybe we need rest, maybe we need a snack, perhaps we need to move, but we ignore it all because we’re already ignoring the fact that our feet hurt we can’t breathe and our clothes are cutting into our flesh. 

Is there a reason the things that we have been conditioned to believe are the most attractive take the most time to implement?  

If you’re not comfortable in your clothes and your body, are you able to concentrate fully on your work? What about your pleasure? I hope that this is gradually shifting. The more we can push back on these ideas and wear what is genuinely comfortable without needing to satisfy the judges of beauty, the more the standards will change.

I think most of us can reject uncomfortable clothes in our daily wear, but what about when you get “dressed up” or on special occasions? There are no right answers here, just things to think about.

As always, I believe it’s possible to feel good and embodied and express your authentic self in your clothes, it just takes some thought and attention. And some listening to your body. 

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